Does meta tages help you in increasing your search engine ranking ?

Meta tags - You might be coming across this word , whenever you visit a site related to Search Engine tools or blogs which write about search Engine marketing . But there are lot of speculations that these Meta Tags are not useful at all . So , Are these meta tags really going to improve your search engine ranking or not ? Ill throw light on this in this article .Lets start with the definition of this Meta Tags for those who don't have any idea about these .

To tell you briefly, the meta tag is used by search engines to allow them to more accurately list your site in their indexes. If you submit your Homepage URL with a search engine, or a number of search engines, their spider programmes will index different pages of your site in different ways. Meta tags allows you to exert a certain amount of control over how your site is indexed . Note that all search Engines don't give much preference to these meta tags.Stuffing your meta tags with lot of keywords may also harm your Google Ranking .

The meta keywords tag are a relation of your site with the worldwide web . It was introduced to help the search engines rank new sites . But greedy people started spamming with a lot of keywords as well as the description and the title tags . This is the reason why some of the search Engines decreased the importance of this meta tags but still Yahoo ! gives good importance to these .

No doubt that the meta title tag title tag effects rankings in all three search engines. But heavily spamming the title tag can have negative effects in Google rankings . The title tag has great effect on your rankings in Yahoo and MSN . I recommend you to use the meta tags for sure but don't stuff the meta keywords tag with a lot of keywords . Just list a few important ones . Try to keep the number below 10 . Use the title tag to describe what that particular page is about . Eventhough it won't increase any ranking , it will help you in attracting visitors to your page , when it is listed in search . The same applies for the description tag . So , Now add meta tags to your website keeping the users in mind and you will see a increase in your CTR for sure


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