What I don't like in Hyderabad ?

I'm in Hyderabad this month on some work . I'm learning Microsoft .Net here. As days moves on ,my hatredness for the city has been increasing exponentially. Why does anyone hate this "city of Nawabs" ?

The first reason is Traffic. Crossing a signal takes more than 15 minutes in peak hours . No one likes to follow traffic rules . People here doesn't know something called Lane driving . There are no Zebra crossings for pedestrians and the pavements are full of beggars , Pan shops ..... If you find it vacant somewhere, you will see people using it as public Urinals . Traveling 4-5 kilometers takes more than a hour in the evenings . You can't find sign boards in the city , not atleast those that indicate where the way goes to . Driving in the city is simply Hell .

Second reason is pollution . You travel in a auto Rickshaw and you will be brushed up in smoke . Every time a bus or some heavy vehicle moves by your side , you will feel dizzy as no one follows emission standards here . I should nt mention How bad autos leave smoke here . No one use the public transportation here unlike Delhi. Everyone wants to go to office in car and the city has got 4 laned roads in main locations only and the rest are 2 laned ones .As a result traffic is always jammed up . I don't understand when will the government restrict usage of petrol here just like Delhi and introduce CNG . You sit in your car without your AC on and you will feel like a chicken getting boiled in a boiler . No one switch off their engine even though they have to wait at traffic signal for 10 -15 minutes . In Hyderabad , every water resource is almost 80 % polluted . This kind of heavy pollution can lead to lot of diseases in the future unless the government take some steps [But I'm sure they won't ] .

Third reason is Worst Public Transport System . As you can see in the picture above , People travel like this to their offices in the morning . So no one likes to use public transportation here . and the city is getting stormed with vehicles . Some traffic signals show a traffic of 14000 vehicles per hour .There is no local train connectivity for all areas [ Even though MMTS exist , very few find it comfortable ] . There is no metro . Even though government here proposed a metro , it's just on the sign boards on the dividers so far .You have to travel in Road transport corporation buses or SETWIN buses [ which is called Dog's vehicle by locals ] If you don't have your own vehicles , you have to travel to your office as I had shown above .

Fourth reason is High population Density . I should even blame the people here . Unlike other big cities which developed lot of suburb 's , Hyderabad don't have many . Everyone wanted to live in the heart of City and as a result infrastructure is outnumbered . Especially in some areas like Ameerpet , Maitrivanam you can't find gap even to stand .Flow of people is always there . As time progresses people should learn moving out of the city to Suburb 's , else your city will become like Hyderabad Someday .

Fifth reason is No locations to sit and relax . There is only two multiplex cum shopping malls in the city . People go for only one of it i.e Prasad's IMAX .Apart from that people hang out on Necklace Road . There also you can see people fighting for tables in the restaurants . You won't feel like getting relaxed there . Hyderabad offers no peace for you .

IT people , please stop coming to this city now . It has got no room at all . Don't fall as prey for government offers here . This city sucks big time .


Maybe you should leave first and be an example to the rest.

sure dude..iM leaving this horrible place this 28th,,, [:D]

Dude, you havent seen Bangalore or should I say Bengaluru... [;P]

oh, the bus is definitely overloaded and yet the driver just drives away?? and not kick some asses down??
that's very dangerous isn't it? is it free ride by the way?

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