Dial 108 to save a life in Andhra Pradesh

A week back , I was passing through the Raj Bhavan Road of Hyderabad and a auto rickshaw hit a bike rider . I had been listening about a emergency number 108 these days and about its service . So , I just dialed and I'm glad that they responded positively . It took 7 minutes for them to reach the location and they are very fast at work and they did everything to save the victim .

After 5 days I again saw a accident and people dialed 108 from there. This time I saw a police van which was standing in some distance . I approached them and told them that a accident occurred . They said that they already knew it .I asked them How do they know it ?? They replied 108 delivers the message to all the police whenever it receives a alert from people .

when the public make a call to `108’ for services pertaining to police, fire and Medicare, it would be diverted to the call centre at Hyderabad, where an executive would transfer it to the nearest hospital/police station/fire station. The 108 service is spread today through out the state of Andhra Pradesh .

Just dial the number to save lives in danger. But don't make fake calls people as that can degrade the service .

While calling 108 :

Stay calm. Don't get panicked.
Be brief, clear and accurate.
Give the location clearly.
Answer all the questions the communication officer asks.

This is toll free number and your call can save some ones life . Live and let others live .


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