Mac : Safari Shortcuts

Safari - The browser that comes with Mac OS X is one of the best and fastest browsers in the world . It never makes your system slow down or eat most of the memory . That's why I like it . To make your usage of Safari Comfortable , Im listing the shortcuts for safari Browser .Content in red is shortcut

Cmd-Option-F Move to Google Search Box
Option-Up Arrow Scroll Up
Option-Down Arrow Scroll Down
Cmd-Click Link Open in new tab and stay in current tab
Cmd-Shift-Click Link Open and go to new tab
Cmd-Option-Click Link Open in new window
Option-Click Close Button Close other tabs
Cmd-Shift-] Select next tab
Cmd-Shift-[ Select previous tab
Cmd-Shift-H Go to homepage
Cmd-Shift-K Toggle Block Pop-up Windows
Cmd-Option-E Empty Cache
Cmd-Option-R Reload page without Caching
Cmd-F Search term in webpage
Cmd-M Minimize Safari
Shift-Click Button Animate slow motion effect
Cmd-Plus[+] Increase font size
Cmd-Hyphen[-] Reduce font size
Cmd-0 Original font size

Do you know any other safari Shortcut that can be useful ?? Post it as Comment .

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Option-Click Close Button: Close other tabs

This one's great! I didn't know this. Thanks for the tip. :)

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