Find Gtalk users on Gtalkprofile.com

GTalk Profile is a site for finding Google Talk user profiles using the recently launched Google profiles .

GTalk Profile uses the Google Maps API to show the locations of users worldwide. Each pinpoint has a link to a users Google Profile, including their interests, location and profile photo. The site is a starter at this moment , but there are already over 7400 users that have chosen to include their GTalk profiles.

As per Download Squad ,
There were numerous instances where the site was either offline , or the map and profiles were not showing up at all. Since Google Profiles are on the move to becoming an emerging way to identify each other in a social setting, it might be time for GTalk Profile to rethink their data plans.

But these kind of sites clearly show the growth of Gtalk in IM user segment .So far I'm concerned Gtalk is a lovable messenger which is fast in all types of connections . What do you feel about this white peppy messenger ?? Let others know by posting your valuable comments .


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