Copyright's and Fair Use Guide - How to copy , reprint or quote content of my blog ?

As my Blog is getting popular , I find plagiarism as one issue on which I should always have my eye on it . Everyday I keep checking for other sites which copy content from my blog without giving any proper credit . So , I thought of publishing this fair use Guide .

So Do you want to copy , reprint or quote content from my blog ?

  • For quoting my content :
You are always welcome to quote something from Technova Blog by giving proper credit to it . But the limitation is you are allowed to quote only a small part of the posts [e.g a small paragraph .] , not the whole post text . Always provide a hyperlink (full URL) to the article from where you are quoting . Don't hyperlink just to the homepage . Copy quoted material exactly, enclose it in quotations marks, and mention my name or "Technova Blog " immediately before or after the quote.

  • For reprinting my content on your blog or website :
Please contact me along with your request. The content of this Blog can be reprinted only with prior permission of author . Depending on the type of usage , you may or may not be charged which is solely under my hands . In reprinting also , I'll like to see that I'll be given proper credit with text showing my link .

Consequences of Copyright Violation :

Violation of Copyright 's or Plagiarism will be taken serious .If I disover a website / blog republishing my content or RSS feeds illegally, I will file a complaint with their advertising partners and the DMCA department of their web hosting company. It will also be reported to Google about the copyright infringement . Ill be talking about How to report Plagiarism to Google in my next post .

Thanks for visiting Technova.


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