About specalisation 's in MBA

MBA offers different specializations.But very a few aspirants actually look for the purpose of these specializations before applying for any b school.I found some information about these specializations.I ll share that with you , so that you can choose which one is the best for you.5 different specializations are primarily offered in most of the MBA schools. Ill explain each of them in detail to you.

Marketing :

Marketing includes Sales, Brand Management and specializations such as Market Research & Advertising. Sales responsibilities include achieving sales targets, mobilizing resources such as advertising budgets and executing special schemes and promotion drives. Marketing responsibilities include new product development, pricing, market research and sales forecasting. Brand Management is a progressive field where you are responsible for successful management of brands.Aspirants for a career in Sales and Marketing should possess creativity and resource mobilization skills, apart from good communication and interpersonal skills without which it's a waste of time to choose this line. They also display high energy levels and enthusiasm. Companies that recruit these live wires are coca-cola , procter & Gamble , pepsi , LG, GE, Leo Burnett......

Finance :

An MBA with a Finance Specialisation learns a variety of subjects like Corporate Finance, Costing, Budgeting, International Finance, Working Capital Management and Investment Banking, Securities and Portfolio management and many more of the same ilk. The job opportunities could be in Corporate finance, Corporate Banking in banks, investment banking in leading Financial Institutions like ICICI, Securities Analyst in Brokerage Firms, a dealer/ broker in the buying and selling of finanacial instruments.Most people may not be aware that operations in the Security Market or the Stock Market is one of the biggest industries in India or any country's economy in the world.As a finance specialist one is expected to be good with numbers and a keen learner as finance interfaces with accounting, auditing, investor interest management, taxation, etc. A combination of MBA Finance with Chartered Accountancy is considered as the stepping-stone to a lucrative consultancy career.Firms that usually recruit for Finance are Citibank, American Express, Credit Lyonnaise,AF Fergusson, Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group, Accenture, Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Co.,IFCI, Morgan Stanley, CRISIL, ICRA, CARE, GE Capital , UTI, Lehman
Brothers, ICICI, HDFC, Saloman Brothers, Goldman Sachs ...so on.

systems and consultancy Management :

Systems and Consultancy is almost synonymous with computers. Systems activity is a support function which is responsible for customised-development of IT solutions in all areas-from automating attendance punching to putting daily sales and distribution data online, to developing Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. Consulting is provided to organizations to devise strategies for new initiatives in IT, Marketing, HR or any other function.In the IT Industry, the options could be Project Management in a software development company like Infosys and TCS or Sales and Marketing in IT companies like IBM, Wipro, etc.An Engineer-MBA with a sound understanding of business concepts is seen as the best fit for the job of a project manager in software development, but a non-engineer is no disqualification either. For a successful Systems and Consulting career, you have to possess good analytical skills, be a good team-player and have an unending quest for knowledge.Companies that usually recruit for Systems are SAP, Motorola, Satyam, HCL, TCS, Infosys, I2 Technologies, Wipro Infotech, Mindtree Consulting, Price Water Coopers etc.....

Operations Management :

Operations Management is a comprehensive production-related responsibility that includes Inventory Management, Vendor Development, Purchase Management, and also areas which demand multidisciplinary skills like supply chain management and ERP, enterprise resource planning. A typical career would see one handling a few plants/vendors initially, followed by the responsibility for an entire factory, eventually undertaking a more strategic view like global sourcing for materials and imports.The skills required for any of the above jobs are eye for detail, people management skills, ability to negotiate, calmness in tough situations, sound technical knowledge, etc. Every manufacturing and sales and distribution company needs operation generals. Just to name a few….Larsen & Toubro, GE,Philips, Siemens, Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti Udyog,Voltas, etc.

Human Resources Management [HR] :

HRM is all about helping a company reach its goals by focusing on people management. Two broad categories of HRM could be named as follows:

1. Plant (Factory) Personnel
The Plant Personnel function of HRD deals with maintaining healthy and positive industrial relations. The activities here include recruitment, payrolls, appraisals, administration, and all matters concerned with the Workers' Union. A stint in Plant Personnel offers exposure to handling highly sensitive issues such as discipline and union negotiation.Top firms like ITC, HLL, Coke specifically recruit candidates for the personnel management function.

2. Corporate Personnel
Corporate Personnel deals with HR activities in the corporate set-up that includes all managerial and supervisory staff. It covers all aspects from an employee's entry to exit, such as recruitment, attendance, leaves, pay, appraisals, audit and exit interviews. A lot of modern HR practices such as ESOP, 360-degree feedback and flexible timings, etc, have been path-breaking initiatives by some bright HR manager.You should possess good communication and inter-personal skills and present yourself as accessible, competent and charismatic.The best HR firms are William Mercer, Noble & Hewitt, Ernst & Young, Accenture.


nice detailed post.. but the fine link between the different specs has infact been wavering of late.. Ask anyone wht r u specializin in??.. n phat! u get the reply - "Finance"!!..

thanks for sharing mate!!
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buddy i would say mba entirely depends on your area of interest for example you into electronics engineering so something which adds value to your ex skills woul help


r u in TCS?.saw ur scrap on orkut.

yeah bharat first option for every one is mostly finance...and scott I think you are not from India . bcoz if u r so u wuld nt had said that ppl loook for specialisations here...Here v have very high competing ratio for even a bad stream in a reputed college..lakhs of students put up all their efforts and some luckier and hardwrkers find the place there specially in freshers case..
May be mid career executives might go for specialisations

yeah Nagarjun Im going to join TCS..Right now Im waiting for my joining

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