How to connect to internet through mobile for airtel users ?

Finally I'm using internet service from airtel . After doing a lot of market research for a phone worth my money, I bought a sony Ericsson K51oi [The review will be posted in the next post] . So How to connect to internet after buying a mobile which allows you to surf through it and can be connected to your PC ?? Some models are there which allow you to surf through mobile but won't let you to connect to PC and surf.Be careful about that .

Note : This post is meant only for people from India .

Requirements :

A mobile which allows you to surf web and allows you to connect it to pc [ E.g Nokia 6070 , nokia 6080 in the range Rs 4500 /- , LG pulse 2600 ( not sure abt model no) will cost you around 4000 and sony ericcson has got k3xx i for 3700 and k510i for 5100 /- <>]

A airtel simcard with a minimum balance of 15 rs

Procedure :

After getting a airtel connection , type Internet active to 121

You will get a SMS in reply saying that your internet account has been activated

Now call your customer care and ask them to send settings for your handset.If they are not able to recognize your mobile , they will tell you how to set your mobile.Normally nokia mobiles will be recognised.For sony erricson you have to set the following options

Name : Mobile office
APN : airtelgprs.com
User name and password fields to be left blank.

Once you set your setting , you can surf on your mobile

You can also get your settings by typing MO to 2567 [ This is working in Andhra Pradesh. Im not sure about other places. ]

The airtel people will charge 15 rs per day for this service.


Tried connecting internet via my reliance handset nokia 6275 thru R World .. and it connects and I can check gmail, google and pownce (that is all I have checked)... What is this connection called? WAP? GPRS? or any other term?

Reliance is based on CDMA which is data compatible and it offers you services through CDMA 1x and EVDO interfaces.where as GSM provides through GPRS/EDGE which are enhancements added to provide data services.

GRPS 38 kbps 15 kbps
EDGE 380 kbps 45-60 kbps
CDMA 1X 153 kbps 40-45 kbps
EVDO 2.4 mbps 300-400 kbps

The ABOVE chart shows you speeds offered by different interfaces.2nd column is theoretical speed and 3rd one is actual ones we normally get..i think reliance might be offering through CDMA 1X

WAP is needed in CDMA and GSM ... WAP is an open international standard for applications that use wireless communication.

I am using a Nokia n73. I get speed up to 200kpbs.

Nowadays, internet connection on cell phones has become common. Each and every person has got internet connection on their hands due to the development of technology. I am also using 3G internet connection on my Android phone. I get internet speed of 0.053 Mbps download speed and 0.023 Mbps upload speed from my Vodafone connection. I checked the internet speed from ScanMySpeed.com by having a speed test.

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