Virginity lost its value

A few days back I was travelling in a train from chennai to my home place Ongole .After some time , the person next to me initiated conversation with me.He inquired about my studies and gave his intro.After a few minutes , few others in the surrounding berths also joined our conversation.

Different people that are involved in the conversation are a constable , a teacher , a MBA [ finance] grad from Dubai , a lady and me .

The constable started the discussion with the topic of degrading moral values in the present generation.He gave his justification by giving examples like son leaving his father in old age , increasing amount of bad habit penetration in the youth ......The teacher justified him by quoting some examples which he sees in his school.

Then they started discussing about a newspaper article which was published just a day before about office spouse culture.For those who don't know about office spouse Im explaining it in a line.I'm inferring the definition from the newspaper article.If you have any other definition , post it as comment.

" A person of opposite sex who accompanies you in everything ranging from helping you in your work related things to listening and giving solutions to your hardships when you are in office is considered as a office spouse "

The teacher reacted furiously about this saying " Whatever is the name given to these kind of indecent relations , their motive is the same . Giving a cool name to these extra marital relations won't make them good relations.These companies are ruining our culture by inducing this kind of cultures.youth are getting easily attracted to bad these days. "

When I tried to interfere saying " it's not always the case ".They all said "You are just a kid.You have to see a lot more in your life son " . [:D]

The lady then told us about a girl of 10th standard in her neighborhood who eloped with a guy of 11th standard.She said that these kinda cases are increasing a lot these days.The police constable also supported her saying "Virginity has lost its value.Our culture has got diluted by the western values.It will be hard to find a virgin to marry in the near future :).You might find a guy who is virgin , but you won't be able to find a virgin gal ."

lol what a crazy point !!!

So what do you think readers ??? Is virginity really losing its value ?? Post your valuable thoughts as comments.

After that they started asking the MBA from Dubai about the living conditions in Dubai.He said that the amount of saving have reduced to 40 % unlike 70% earlier.He also told us that food is cheaper but residence is costly in Dubai.He also told us that crime is high . You should not interfere with the locals.You just have to complete your work and do nothing else , if you wanna be safe.

Im hearing a lot about the unhealthy living conditions in Dubai.If you have any information about the living conditions , post it as a comment.


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