Local Talk : Shankardada Zindabad

Telugu Film star's latest release Shankardada Zindabad is finally out with heavy expectations in the audience. Because of the star cast of the movie and the earlier telugu version Shankardada MBBS being hit , audience naturally had very high expectations on the movie .

Local talk : Fans claim it to be a class averaged movie and most of others say not impressive.Especially those who watched Original sequel of Munna bhai are not at all impressed. But extreme efforts are already started to make the movie run for atleast 50 days because of the star cast by the producers and fan associations of the hero .

There is some funny incident which show you the extremity of people's devotion to heroes in my state.

One of my uncle went to the movie by buying the ticket in black market for 100 bucks [Originally its 40 here ] . When he was watching the movie some of his friend called him and asked " Howz the movie ? "

He replied " bad , Not upto the expectations "

The next moment when he put down the phone, 10 guys pounced on him. They asked him " How can a movie be better than this ? what does you want in a movie other than that this movie has ?? " . They forced him to call his friend again and tell him that movie is very good.

This is very pathetic. Fans can devote their star in their heart but they should not force others. These days I find lot of people spamming about the stars from opposite caste badly in their communities. This is bad culture . Stop thinking that way . Encourage every movie and every hero who are worthy. Don't hate some one by their caste people . Behave like someone with a heart.

If you have any such funny incidents in your life , post it as comment .


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