What parameters Google might be tracing from its adsense script on your webpage ?

New to Adsense ?? Don't try to cheat adsense , because Google is more intelligent than you . Google traces each and every possible thing that it can from your PC when you are browsing the webpage.They collect the details everytime you visit the web page , which they will check once your account is flagged.But what factors they will use to determine whether you are using illegal methods ??

IP adress : The most primary thing that is traced is IP adress.Each PC will have its own IP adress on the netwok .So if you click again and again from the same IP, chances are there that your account will be flagged .Dont think of clicking from anonymous public servers , as Google keeps account of such IP's also . I saw many of my friends who did that and got their accounts blocked.

Your OS and your location : Normally when you visit some sites , you observe them telling you your OS and location and your IP adress.Google also keeps a record of the OS , you are using and your physical location.

Click-through rate (CTR) : It is recommended that your Click through rate should not exceed 10%. If your click through rate exceeds 10 %, Google will flag your account. Click through rates are recommended to be kept below 5 % .

Cookies : A small text file of information that certain Web sites attach to a user's hard drive while the user is browsing the Web site. A Cookie can contain information such as user ID, user preferences, archive shopping cart information, etc.

Some people get dynamic IP adress when they connect and disconnect [ Normally mobile internet users ]. So , don't think that you can disconnect and connect again to click. Google sets cookies on your computer. They can trace these cookies and check whether the clicks originate from the same computer or not .

MAC address : Every Network card or Modem will have its own unique MAC adress assigned by the manufacturer. These are normally unique.So Google might use this to verify .

Search Engine ranking : Normally Google expects that websites with high number of links and good search engine rankings gets high traffic. But if your website is getting high traffic and good number of clicks , Google might flag you and run a check .

Are you asking your users to click : Google checks whether you are asking your users to click on ads or help you by clicking them.These kind of things are extremely against the TOS and might lead to blockage of your account .

Click patterns : Google checks in which pattern the ads are being clicked .If the ads are being clicked in a particular pattern .Im listing some patterns here --

Pattern 1 : The one who clicks , just open your page , click the ad and run away . Normally Google expects any person who comes to your website stay on it for a while . So it checks the time users stay on your website.

pattern2 : It also checks whether the user is just clicking ads in your site only or on other websites also . If it finds that the user is clicking ads just in your webpage , it might want to know why is that particular user so excited on clicking ? [:D]

pattern3 : Is the clicks coming from users who came directly or from those who came from search engine ??

Like this Google will try to check all patterns.

Apart from this , Google will try to find whether we are trying to cheat its advertisers . Normally if they find you doing some thing suspicious , they will send u a warning mail and might ask you for explanation . Once you get warning , next time they will block you if you are again found doing the same . Sometimes they might block you without warning if they think you are not worthy .

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An eye opener indeed. What if one clicks the ads by mistake?

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