Sony Ericsson K510i review

Review : 4 - Excellent

Punch  : value of every penny you spent

Price    : 5,000 INR

I write review of a product only when I think I have complete idea of it . Most of the reviewers these days write the review on the day of release . But most of the faults in product come only after using it for sometime . Five point someone has never compromised on the quality of content and reviews .Here I like to tell you what I feel about my mobile Sony Ericsson K510i which I bought a month and half ago .

About the product in brief :

Manufactured by Sony Ericsson , The model's features are a 262,144-colour TFT LCD screen (at a 128x160 pixel resolution), 28 megabytes of shared memory, a 1.3 megapixel camera, RSS feed reader, 3D graphics capabilities, loudspeaker, MP3 and AAC audio playback, 3GP video recording and playback, Bluetooth and an infrared communications port (IrDA). The K510i model is available in two colour themes, midnight black (pictured on right) and polished purple.

My feeling :

I bought the phone basically for serving my internet purpose. Normally when I used to use a Nokia 6680 for surfing earlier , I had to charge the mobile separately from charger But in k510i the phone charges automatically from the USB cable just like your ipod. The USB  transfer speeds are pretty high when you use the phone in File transfer mode [ i.e connecting your phone as a flash drive ] . When you connect the mobile to internet , you have to connect it in phone mode. In phone mode also you can have file transfer through the file manager software but transfers are slow .The phone has got a built in modem which is showing 115.2 Kbps when I connect it to internet. Im getting good download speed from my airtel network [ Appr 10 KBPS , better than Indian dial up connections ] .The phone browser is also good and has even got a download manager. 

The battery back up of the phone is quite good . When I don't surf internet from the phone , Im getting the backup for more than 2 and half days. At this range , Ericsson battery offers good performance than Nokia's.Nokia phones are good at entry level . When you are looking to spend more , I recommend other companies like Ericsson , Motorola and all .

The phone has  28 MB as internal memory and hasn't got any slot for expanding the memory [ For the amount you are spending , you should nt expect more than this ] .The phone has got a single speaker which is loud and sounds good to hear your MP3.The media player interface rocks . The phone supports Java applications also . The video playback is also pretty much fine.The camera is also good when you see the quality of the pictures .It has got features like adding sepia , black and white effects , capturing in burst mode , panorama and all .Transfers via bluetooth are also pretty faster. One can find a lot of applications for the mobile on the internet . 

The only thing that Im worried is about the joystick . I mean it's working fine but don't know how it performs in long terms . Except that everything is fine . 

What you can get from other brands in this range :

In nokia you can get 5070 , 6070 and 6080 which don't have modem to enable surfing with PC , have got very bad displays and a VGA camers with 5 MB internal memory . 

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