Does Google web accelerator really increase your internet speed ?

What is this web accelerator ?

A free software of 1.7 Mb by Google which they claim will save your web time i.e will speed up your surfing.You can get it from webaccelerator.google.com

How this works ? 

Amit Agarwal says "It's difficult to guess how Google decides what web pages to load in advance but my experience has been that if your hover the mouse over a hyperlink for few seconds, Google assumes that you are likely to visit that page and it will prefetch it. Google Accelerator also downloads the top search results on Google.com which is quite logical."

Does it really work ??

I had big expectations on the product as it is released by Google and unlike other accelerator utilities this one is not tweaking your XP.Its based on prefetching links in the page you are surfing.

I don't find any big difference using it . I think it just saves very little time while surfing . After a lot of browsing you will see a little amount of time being saved on the counter.You will never feel it while surfing.I never felt that it helped my page load faster.I tested the product when it was released in my college a year ago where I was behind a proxy.I didn't feel any difference there and later I uninstalled it . But when I saw the article on Amit's page yesterday I personally installed it again on my connection at home and still I don't feel any good difference.Totally the product sucks..

I used some softwares earlier who advertise that they will increase my internet speed by X00% . But none of them looked useful to me .All they did is clean up my PC or tweak my registry and XP. What do you feel about these web accelerator softwares ??

Do they really increase your net speed ?? If you think there is some software which accelerates your internet speed , post it as comment .

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i also think there is no use in unsing it, i just have it on my cmputer for no reason.
but it really did feel that it doesnt work and the google made this thing for no reason, it really does suck.

Ya ,its increase the internet speed.I check the internet speed through this site www.ip-details.com.Its really increased.

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