precautions to be taken to minimise mobile phone loss

Im sure everyone of you might be using a mobile phone . If you have n't lost your mobile phone yet , here are few things which you can do to minimise data loss when your phone has been stolen.

  • Note down your IMEI number , phone make , model and colour . This is the first thing one need to do after buying a mobile phone .
  • Set a PIN to prevent others from using your mobile phone .
  • If possible , change the security code of your mobile phone and set a key guard code . Don't forget to change the default security code , as everyone knows it . Nokia default code is 12345 .
  • Ensure your phone is registered at your network operator i.e you should had bought the SIM from registered dealer .
  • Mark you battery with your name and some code to recognize it .

Once you lost your mobile number , you need to report the IMEI to the police. Normally IMEI will be printed on the back of your battery or on your phone bill.

You can also get IMEI by dialing *#06# on your mobile .

You need to call your network operator and tell them your IMEI code so that they can block others from using the mobile phone .

Final tip and the most important tip is "be careful when you are in overcrowded areas ."


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