How to change default search provider in Firefox ? go to google typing in address bar

A small yet useful firefox tweak .Lot of people find it annoying to see their default search being changed from Google to ask.com or to something else.

If you type something in your address bar instead of correct URL, it will go to the default search engine. Firefox by default comes with Google as its default search engine. But when you install some toolbar like ask toolbar. Yahoo toolbar ....,  it will change your default search engine. Lot of users find it quite annoying as there is no straight shortcut to change this. So How to change your default search provider to Google in Firefox ?

  • Type " about:config "  in the address bar of your Firefox.
  • You might recieve a screen like below if you are opening Firefox configuration for the first time. Just click on " I'll be careful, I promise "

  • In the screen that appears , you will see a filter textbox just below the address bar as shown in the fig below.

  • In the Filter textbox, please enter the following .
  • Now just Right click on the entry you see and Click on " Reset " . You should see the status being changed to " default.
  •  This should normally search in Google when you type in address. 
Now for the right side text box , to reset your search engine, just type the following in your filter box then type in the name of the search engine you wish to have as the default search engine ( Something like " Google "  or " Yahoo " )


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My default URL search became baidu and after following your steps it still cannot be removed...

It was due to youtube downloader toolbar and after uninstalling it and trying your setps it still cannot be resolved...

Do you hvae any solutions to it?


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