How to access Restricted or Blocked Websites in school or workplace ? Bypass proxy at your school for accessing orkut , Myspace , Facebook ?

Vexed up with your school or workplace administration blocking most of your favorite websites like Orkut , Myspace , Facebook...... Do you want to access restricted websites in School ?

Disclaimer : These instructions are not mentioned to do anything wrong....All the data given is just sharing a bit of knowledge

Lets start ourselves with client side softwares :

client software ::

Your freedom is a client program written in JAVA which lets you surf anonymously . It needs JRE to run on your PC.It supports http,socks, and https protocols . It has got 15 servers and a feature called "Auto change server " which changes the server automatically when the present one is busy and some other is idle . If you want to change server , You can set the option to manually change server . The startup wizard helps you to set most of the things and still if u don't understand detailed description is given on freedom website or check my Your-freedom user guide .This software is compatible with all browsers,file sharing software and instant messaging clients .This is so far one of the best tunnelers available .It gives you enough speed of 64Kbps in free service and 512Kbps for paid service but free service is enough for browsing.These days time restriction has been introduced.To bypass that you need to make multiple accounts on your-freedom site and login using them in the your-freedom client.
If your college service blocked ems.your-freedom.de. You still have option to go to your freedom site ,check available servers and put the ip on server address box in configure. Its very simple and so far the best thing i had seen for bypassing filters .

Bypass client from bypass.cc is also something which works just like your freedom but has just 3 servers and it restricts download limit for non paid users to just 1 MB per day. It is not recommended but can be used when u don't have any other option .

This pretty small client is very good but it gives annoying ads on the top bottom corner of your screen . If you want to remove them , right click on hopster icon in the system tray which looks like your LAN connection icon and click minimize ads . They will disappear with a nice animation . Hopster is recommend for instant messaging .

One more tunnelier which has nice servers at dresden-dresden and all . It also works like your freedom but not as much faster as your freedom . But its ok. The only problem is you have to download new version everytime if they add a new server i.e to access new servers you need to download new version . You can't update your server list right from client like others

It works by setting server at office or home and accessing it from some other place . It creates a SSH tunnel to access . I'm not sure about it as I never got a chance to use it . But still telling about it to give you information . If any one of you guys know about this , Please post it as comment .

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Client side softwares should help .If your administration is too smart . then you need to try all these things .

  • Use a language translator page to “translate” the sites from any language into English.

  • Use a URL redirection service like tinyurl.com or snipurl.com. These domain forward services sometimes work as the address in the the URL box remain the redirect URL and do not change to the banned site.
  • Enter the URL in Google or Yahoo search and then visit the cached copy of the page. To retrieve the page more quickly from Google's cache, click "Cached Text Only" while the browser is loading the page from cache.
  • Change the site name prefix . E.g - use http://home.myspace.com (instead of http://www.myspace.com). Other prefixes to try for myspace.com: browseusers. search. invite. mail. blog. invite. favorites. forum. groups. events. viewmorepics. music. classifieds. signup. chat. vids.
None of the above is working ? This is the final option for you .Using proxies is the last way for you .

Recommended Proxy :: HTTP://www.kproxy.com

My proxy : http://manyarticle.com

Excellent fast proxy with 10 servers to access orkut , Myspace , Facebook and other blocked websites ...

You can also subscribe to circumventor websites which are provided by peacefire.org .

A lot of proxy sites are also available on net . Go to google and get them.Some of the sites like this http://proxieslist.net have great list of proxies.Check them out.

If your administration is continually scanning and blocking proxy sites you use . Join circumventor network . Register for mailing list from sites like www.frozenthunder.com or www.magictrainstation.com and use the new sites which are updated frequently. But if your admin joins mailing list like mine...I'm sorry
Reverse DNS Methods :

You can try to get sites ip addresses and use them to browse websites.. You can use this even for proxy sites . If a proxy site is blocked , retrieve its ip and access it using the by typing the ip address in the address bar .Site for getting Ip address of websites is www.dnsstuff.com

I shared with you people whatever i know about bypassing restrictions in workplace....If I find anything new I'll share them with you . If you know anyother way, please post it as comment to help the fellow readers .


Hello everyone...i dunno about rest of u guys.. but in my place.i use pagemod.com proxies.. i get regularly updated
with new domain like recently qmoder.info was sent to me by them. I use their secure mode in my
office https pagemod.com .. and i have heard the tunneling server at pagemod.com:1234/ works fine in UAE
and other restricted countries .. their servers are fast. even tough at times some hiccups r there. but over all Iam
really happy with it .. Their support is lightening fast .. get in tuch if u have any probs at report@pagemod.com

Check out http://www.proxylord.com to access blocked web sites. It is very fast and secure. Works on Youtube also!

I think you have forgot about ultrasurf . Its best to be used in school and colleges.

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