How to add Save as PDF button to your website or blog so that your viewers can save your articles in PDF format ?

When I used to be in college , people used to multicast articles that are interesting in PDF format . Most of the articles used to be in PDF format . Advantage with the PDF format is that one can send a total web page along with images included in it in a single file .So How to add this feature to your page so that your viewers can share your articles with their friends in a easier way ?

I found a solution to this . A company called BCL technologies is offering this . Follow the steps below to add the Save as pdf button to your webpage just like I did in my item pages .
  • Go to web2PDF online website .
  • Now sign up in the website .
  • Login to the website and there they will give you Java script code for Save as PDF button .
  • Paste the code provided in your page template depending on your required location on it .
That's it , you are done .Now you can see save as pdf button on your website . If you know any other way to let the readers save the articles they like in PDF format , post it as comment .

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