How to add recent comments widget to your blogger blog ?

Wordpress people has got a lot of plugin's in their box but what about users who created their blogs on blogger ? Im very glad to see the work done by people to create those plugin's for Blogger users . Earlier I wrote about How to show backlinks to your posts in blogger which is replica of track back in wordpress .Now I found a widget for blogger users which is replica of Recent Comments widget in wordpress .

Go to this site. There you will see a form .Choose the number of comments to be displayed and the size of comments . Click apply and add the widget to your blog . If you are still using the old interface of blogger , once the page is directed to " add page element " , click on Edit content and you can get the source code which you can paste in your page template .

You can see how it works below the post in this page .

Guys now comments as much as you can on my blog and get links automatically from the same post as it displays the last 7 commentators .The same is applicable to those who link to my posts.Each post will automatically link you in links to this post column below each post .

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