Is Google going to let you connect with Other IM networks ? Gmail 2.0 news

The answer may be yes , says Google System blog . Google has recently rolled out extra space , IMAP Support and they are even going to release a new version of Gmail which will load faster .

The Google system blogger found out some other interesting things which are :

  • colors for labels
  • Detaching messages from a conversation
  • and connecting to other IM networks like AIM , yahoo ...... through Jabber protocol .
Wikipedia says as follows about Jabber transporting

"One of the things people like about Jabber is that you can communicate with users of legacy IM services like AIM, MSN, ICQ, and Yahoo. Unlike all-in-one IM clients like Trillian, what makes this possible in Jabber is a piece of software called a gateway (or "transport"), which runs in conjunction with a Jabber server such as jabber.org. "

Being able to connect multiple messengers can really boost the number of Gtalk users . Gtalk can then replace Multiple messengers like pidgin . Right now people has been using third party servers which require some little work to configure . But going through these servers is not comfortable with everyone , and that’s where Google’s can turn them on ..

After this Im really excited to see Gmail 2.0 . What about you ?


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