Microsoft launched Windows Live calendar Beta to public

The much awaited Windows Live service - Windows Live Calendar , has been out into public beta today. Right now Windows calendar is looking primitive with just normal features like

  • Creating multiple calendars .
  • Receive reminders via Windows Live Alerts
  • Share your calendar, as html, ical or XML
  • Importing of ical
Register your self for windows live calendar or Sign in with your Windows live ID .

What features Live calendar don't have ??

Liveside blog has released its first impressions on windows live calendar.Check it out.According to it , Live calendar can't do the following :

* There's no sync feature ( for either outlook or mobile devices), except for shared calendars.However we've heard they are working on this, so stay tuned.
* Printing is woefully inadequate, with only the ability to print an agenda view. More work to be done here, surely.
* No import from MSN Calendar, or interaction between the two.
* Overall look and feel is very basic.

So what do you think of Windows Live calendar ?? Tell us your first impression as comments .

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