How to search content on Rapidshare ?

Rapidshare , is undoubtedly the world's largest file sharing network in the world . But the problem is how you are going to search for a particular file on Rapidshare ??

As usual you can search for a file in rapidshare via Google using the following keyword .
If you want to search for a file abc with file extension def , then type site:rapidshare.com inurl:def abc
for example if you are searching for subhash.zip then enter the keyword ,
site:rapidshare.com inurl:zip Subhash

Apart from Google various other sites also search the Rapidshare database . Im listing some of them .If I miss anyone post it as comment so that it will help other readers .

  1. rapidshare-search-engine.com
  2. Rapidshare1
  3. Rapidsharelink
  4. Hellafiles
  5. Shareminer
  6. Megadownload
  7. Funfail search
  8. Search Shared
  9. Rapidsharer
  10. Rapid Explorer
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I use http://rsfile.org to search for rapidshare files.Its fast and results are great.Give it a try

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