How to create your own Linux Live version that is bootable from CD or USB disk ?

In Linux ,unlike windows, You can get live versions which can work without need to be installed on your hard disk thus saving your disk space . This is one the good features that I like the most in Linux.What if you want to create a Live Linux version of your installed Linux Distribution ? Don't worry Technova has got a solution for you !!Go to the site below to create Live Linux version from your installed Linux Distribution .

Linux Live is a set of shell scripts which allows you to create own Live Linux from your installed Linux distribution. The Live system that's create will be bootable from CD-ROM or a USB disk device . You can even use Linux Live scripts to boot Linux from iPod as well.

This site is even distributing a free ebook on How to create Live Linux version .This book hich provides a step by step installation manual for creating a Linux Live CD based on Slackware Linux and Linux Live scripts 6.0.7 (PDF 260KB). I hope you will love this site.

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