Free Online Picture Editors : How to edit pictures Online ?

Earlier people use to edit their photos with softwares that eat a lot of resources in your PC.Now photos are edited in a new way through internet.Welcome to world of online photo editing.Here by I'll give you some prominent online photo editors that i know and their features.

Picnik: It is the latest release in this segment.This is flash based and its almost the fastest of the category.It also comes with integrated flickr uploader.Once you are done with editing your photo,you can transfer your photos directly to flickr. Picnik has replaced Ajax-based PXN8 as my favorite online photo editing tool.Since its new I am also publishing its features.
  • One-click photo fixing or in-depth tweaking
  • Crop, rotate, and resize in real-time
  • Tons of special effects, from artsy to fun
  • Amazingly fast
  • Works directly with many photo sharing sites
  • No download required, nothing to install!
  • Works on Mac, Windows, even Linux
  • Free and premium versions
Fauxto : It is also flash like and looks like photoshop. It can be considered the best in the category.Using it is not easy as other editors , Unless you already have knowledge of working with photoshop. It might irritate you with its complexity if you dont know much about photoshop . But its flash has been worked in such a finer way that you will feel they did some work hehe...I dont know which segment of market they wanted to target but i like it.

Picture2life : Its in the AJAX based segment. Its mainly targeted for grabbing and editing the pics that are online. Looks like the site is still in its dark ages with its poor interface,bugs and very less tool selection. It has also got the feature of transferring your pic to flickr , imgeshack after editing.

PXNA : One of the best in this segment . It's the leader of AJAX based segment . User interface is good with the main features shown as icons. It also features uploading to Flickr and save to disk. Moving your cursor shows the pixel number on the photo. It's basic enhance much works like auto corrector for your pictures correcting the normal problems.

Snipshot : Previously called Pixoh, is another very-good Ajax-based editing tool . It has got nice design and they also have a API in their service.But its now way better than PXN8.

Preloadr : Its a Flickr based API tool which even uses flickr login to sign in.Comes with normal features like layers , filters [gray scale ..],cropping ,auto contrast.... Logging and accessing pictures directly from Flickr can be termed as its advantage.

Apart from these they are also editors like dumpr.net , pixer.us....

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If you know any other picture editor that's online and free , Post it as comment . Google search for Online picture Editor is here .

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