How to set your Instant Messenger status to what you are listening on our media players automatically ?

Want to show what you are listening to your friends on the Instant Messengers ? Want to show them How cool you are ? I have found something for you which can act as a status manager for your IM.

What can you do with Hyper IM ?
  • It lets you save all your favorite statuses and use them at any time you want - up to 16 millions saved statuses .
  • It lets you change your status instantly in all your desired IM clients - most popular IM programs supported like Yahoo Messenger , Gtalk , Windows live Messenger ....
  • It lets you show what you listen or what movie you watch - many media players supported (!!!)
  • You can leave funny answers (there's a plugin that does this for Yahoo! Messenger users)
  • You can see and use all hidden emoticons in Yahoo! Messenger on a keystroke .
  • You can format your status and answers with extendable macros: kbps, duration, ASCII progress bar , customizable countdown time, current date and time, and/or random/ordered messages taken from text files!
I hope you will love this . Thanks to Shankar.

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