How to sell your blog successfully ?

Are you in a thought of selling your blog ?? You might be quite excited on how much bidders are going to pay for it !! A blog called Northxeast went up for sale and it was sold for 8200 $ over site point .The blog has a PR of 4 and had just a revenue of 100-200 $ per month . The owner was not expecting this much amount in auction . But it was sold out for a whopping sum . After this he writes about how to sell your blog successfully ! !! Here are the 5 tips for selling your blog successfully .

Create a hype about your blog : Did you ever observe in your friends circle that if two of them goes crazy about something , the others also start showing interest in it. The same is the case here . Get one or two people who can create a hype about the sale . Get links from some blogs about the auction and let people discuss about this in forums .

Link to the auction page : Don't forget to put a link to the auction in your blog or website . May be some of your fan might buy your blog . Why miss that chance !! If possible try to get links from other bloggers about the auction .

Honesty pays : While showing your statistics to the bidders , don 't try to fool them .Show them what you have really got . If if you have got less traffic show the same to them . People don't decide your blog value just on statistics .

Stay with the blog even after the sale : Assure the buyers that you will stay with the blog even after the sale for sometime to help him get accosted to it .

Sell when the blog is on the top : Try to sell the blog when it is on the top . After you find that some post is a good hit , sell the blog immediately as buyers will be more interested at that time.

Just bought a blog ?? what you need to do ?? Check out this page to know how not to loose the readership after buying a blog .

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Nice post. I am not thinking of selling my blog, rather willing to improve it first.

Would you be interested in a link exchange? If yes, please add me to your blogroll and let me know.

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