Five things to be kept in mind for getting payments as a Indian adsense publisher

Are you a adsense publisher from India ? So before you receive your adsense payment from Google , you have to keep these five things in mind as per Adsense Blog . The five tips are as follows :

Accurate and Completed address : Update your address in the following format

House Name/Number , Street Name/Number

Choose you cheque in INR : Try to Choose your cheque in Indian Rupee as they are easy to process and processing charges in bank are less that U.S Dollars .

Setting a hold : If you've reached $100 in unpaid earnings and would like to get paid once in 2 months or once every 6 months, we have an option to set a self-hold. Accumulate your earnings and receive a bigger check in the future. Don't forget that you'll need to remove the hold before the 15th of the month to be paid in that month.

Use Secured Express Delivery – This is the best option for guaranteed delivery, which will cost you US$25 for the DHL charges . the cheque will be delivered at your doorstep within 10 business days.

Understand your payment cycle - Please go through the Payments Demo to understand when payments are processed.

But it is essential to receive a PIN before they send you the cheque . So unless you have provided a accurate postal address and you have got a good postal service , you won't get it in time . Regarding postal service we can't do anything....But try to provide a accurate address .

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