Happy Ganesh chaturthi

 Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to my readers . Have a nice day. 

For those who don't know about this God , Lemme introduce you .

Lord Ganesha , the son of one of the tri murthy's Lord Shiva is known for making you able to over ride your hurdles [Vignam's ] .So his name came out to be Vigneshwara . Hindu's pray this god before starting any work as it is believed that he lets your work to be done smoothly with out any hurdles . Lord vinayaka aka Ganesha aka Vigneswara is a fond lover of food and at this day once he ate that much that Moon laughed at him at his bulging stomach . Then he cursed moon that anyone who sees the moon  will face troubles . By this all people got frightened and prayed to Ganesha to change his mind.Lord Ganesha then changed his curse that no one should see the moon on this auspicious day or else they will face troubles . But it has been believed that if someone tells this story or reads this story seeing moon the curse wont have effect on them .The festival has been celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesh 



Nice story & the post...Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

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