How to detect a invisible user on Yahoo Messenger ??

Many people normally go to invisible mode when they don't want to chat with everyone or when they are busy with work . You know some one's ID and you want to check whether they are online or not ?? How will you detect a invisible user on Yahoo Messenger ??

Many methods are already available on the net at this moment like using Doodle IMvironment ,Shealth settings check , Voice Chat and Conference Invitation . Apart from these there are some programs like Buddyspy which can be used to spy your friends . These all might work or not. But I found out a sure way which can be used to detect users in invisible mode.

Try this out . Its simple and it really works . There is no need of installing anything for this. Please post your comments if you like this .

You can also detect a invisible user via Vngrabber or yahoo.4tvn.com

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it really works but recently I face several times with this messege: the system is busy,try again later! in the blink of an eye aftre clicking on search symbol.What is the reason?

prasantham ga janalani vundaneeva????

Thx. I like vngrabber.com :)

Cool site: http://mangnhen.net check Yahoo! ID invisible nick 100% right.
This website can show a real status of a Yahoo! ID (online/offline and invisible) with 99% accurate. I tried many times and it worked perfectly !!! Surprised.
I hope u like it.

how am i going to use vngrabber?:)
i used to have xeeber..and i already type the username but unfortunately the xeeber doesn't show if it's invisible,online,offline,etc. it only shows a box and like this:

what should that suppose to mean?

no this is not working correctly it show them online who are not online.....its false........

Would your buddy knows if you are trying to detect if they are invisible or not?

great tips , and
you can find yahoo status (online , oflline , invisible) in this site too Yahoo invisible detector it's works great.

You can use this website to detect invisible users on Yahoo Messenger: http://domdomsoft.com/
It can detect multiple user at one time.

you cand add this too, works perfect Yahoo Status

http://www.yahoostatus.org and you have also some yahoo programs

or http://www.yahoostatus.ro

other website with you can detect status is www.yahooscan.eu also with website you cand download your buddies avatar.

Good tips. it really works, keep it up.

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Good tips. it really works, keep it up.

If u are looking for small business tips, visit:www.yoursmallbusinessmentor.com

I use the Statusdetect.com it really works great and you can download somebody else avatar too

take a look here , the best yahoo status detector

Yahoo Status


there are many sites but www.4invisible.com is 100% accurate

I found a perfect Yahoo Status Checker at http://www.yahoostatus.org , http://www.yahoostatus.ro

http://www.test-viteza.ro Test Viteza

http://www.test-viteza.ro Test Viteza

Try this: http://yahoo-status-checker.brotacu.com

you can add this too .i use this and work perfect , very quick :
Yahoo Status Checker at http://www.yahoostatus.org & Yahoo Status Checker at http://www.yahoostatus.ro

vizgin.com is the best now

you can try http://polixblog.net this site scan invisible people on yahoo and works great

you cand add this too, works perfect and is never down.try it for free! Status Application

Status Application This status application is always up and works perfect.Try it for free and detect invisible users!


Detect yahooID invisible. 100% correct.

Check multi-yahooID. Just one click!

a very good invisible scanner is www.narubian.com never busy

I personally use www.detectinvisible.me, and I found it excellent.
Gorgeous interface, fast.

They even have a desktop application for yahoo status checking named Detect Invisible.Me.

I prefer http://www.showym.com is the best one

I use http://www.invisibleyahoo.ro cause it has an hi5 detector too

New site: http://invisible.i4guru.com
check Yahoo! ID invisible nick 100% right.
This website can show a real status of a Yahoo! ID ( online/offline and invisible ) with 99% accurate.
hope u like it.

And u can add nick wow.robot for check quickly

Some of these sites don't work anymore. Time for me to share so here's another yahoo invisible site InvisibleUser.com good to have a list incase some go down.

http://www.monitoring-services.com Monitoring Services best online application !



here is a detector http://who-is-invisible.co.cc/

http://www.SpyDetect.net is the best Yahoo Invisible Detector ! Quick and 100 % Real Status !

-Send voice messages in english and romanian ( NEW !!! )
-You can remove yourself from another yahoo list ( NEW !!! )
-Put the Yahoo Detector on Your Website ( NEW !!! )
-See hi5 and facebook profile
-Add new friends , send text messages , see the top visited and cheked profiles . Comment at your favorites profiles !

Voice Presentation here : http://www.spydetect.net/voice-messenger/play/103d034634f624cde8fa190926c49fc675

Link here : http://www.SpyDetect.net : Spy Detect

here is a great detector for invisible users http://www.who-is-invisible.co.cc

Hello, the only website that still working is www.yahoospy.net

www.yahoospy.net is working grate!

easy invisible scanner http://www.who-is-invisible.co.cc

New yahoo invisible scanner which will shows real status, whether they are really offline or invisible, it shows Cartoon Avatar also(if available)

check it its working good http://yhunt.info

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Another useful website http://www.ybuddy.info, it can:
- Check the status: online, invisible, offline
- View and download avater
- Add nick
- Send the message
- View the profile
- 100% correct, never busy

Check i love this http://e-invisible.co.cc

made for yahoo messenger status http://www.who-is-invisible.co.cc | status checker

www.yahoostatus.hi2.ro - the best status checker, in my opinion.

I share another site: http://ymlook.com, working for me for over 2 year, and included deny buddy service on the web at http://ymlook.com/index.php?act=denybuddy
Hope u can update to the artical

Invisible users on yahoo messenger can`t hide anymore status check

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