We are growing

I'm very glad to announce that Technova traffic has shown a tremendous increase in the past few days with some pages getting their pagerank increased to 6 .

The top 10 countries are shown the image below . The countries are United States , India , United Kingdom , Philippines , Canada , Malaysia , Australia , Singapore , UAE and Ireland respectively . You can observe from the graph that India [ 26.76 % ] and US [31.47 %] only occupy more than half of my visitors .
I'm very glad to see my analytics graph split all over the world .

Unlike earlier since a week traffic from search Engines has shown a tremendous increase .They accounted to 68 % of my traffic.

Apart from these my feed traffic has crossed 100 just a week ago and the total number is 125 at this moment . My technorati rank is now 54,693 .

Most enjoyable part is my earnings has increased to a great extent . My Adsense CTR has increased to a good extent .

With all these things going on , I can say We are growing . Ain't we ??

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