The return of Geetanjali Nagpal's Husband

You might had seen newspaper where news about the return of Geetanjali Nagpals husbad has been published.For those who doesnot know who is this Geetanjali , Ill tell you about her in a line.Geetanjali was once a model.After losing her stardom she was left out by her parents and she became a drug addict.She wasnt seen for many years until she was located at hauz khas village in Delhi and again she was in news for a while .She living by begging in Dhabas and eating in the temples . 

Now a person named Robert stuempfl claims that shez his wife and they even had a child named Arthur. Written in broken English, he says that his son Arthur needs his real mom and he really doesnot care what happened to her . A blogger named Sheetudeep  actually has got the mail which he has published on his blog page . The summary of the mail is as follows : 

 " This is great news from you and I send you all you need to know that i am the husband of geetanjali.i try many times true her family but the have never a good relation with gitanjali and me, i think because she married me a german fellow. anyway we have 1 son arthur his name and he is with me since he was 6 month, she liked to be free and we had a lot of troubles between eachother. but she is the mom of arthur and he needs his real mom and whatever happend i dont care really about it, then live goes on we all have to learn. and everyone is changing in time to a better, as well she will i am shure of it then she is a very good person. just a little crazy in times. anyhow i really need help from somebody who is there in india and maybe you are the right one to make things happend, so god will. I send you the marrige certification and the birthcertification of arthur our son. maybe i still have some picture of ours in early days i will attach everything and send to you.
god bless you and i hope for the best
best regards
robert and arthur stuempfl "

Sheetudeep can be contacted on this email adress . He is trying his efforts to find out about Naglpal. I appreciate his concern to unite a mother and child .

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