Twenty 20 sucks

Twenty 20 - the shorter version of cricket is n't looking good as expected . 50 over match is really good as it's a fight of teams in all aspects . But 20-20 is different . You need not need a team with talent in every aspect i.e batting,bowling and fielding , to win this . It made cricket just a game of luck. Every batsman is asked to hit the ball to the stands in these matches . Bowlers have nothing to do except getting themselves blowed up . Some people argue that bowlers are getting wickets . But who needs wickets in a 20 over match where the 10th batsman also tries to hit them . If you observe the economy rates of even good bowlers , you will find how tough bowlers find the tourney to keep going . Sometimes the best batsmen is nt able to score and the one who comes in the lower orders plays better than them . ICC might had thought that people will love to see 20 hr matches as result comes very fast. But game should not be just for entertainment of people , it should also justify the talent of the players .
One side bowlers are getting scrwed up and on other side ICC gave some offers like free hit to the batsman after a no ball and all .Totally Im not satisfied with this version of the game which lacks strategy and all .I still love to see the 50 over ODI 's .

What do you feel about twenty 20 ?


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