How to find Number of online visitors

Want to find the number of visitors on your site at any point of time????? like I having the count at the end of the page???

" Now: 1 visitor(s) online
On 26 February 2007 at around 21:32 we had 1 visitor(s)
WhoisPresent..? So... you are..? "

You have to do nothing except registering yourself on whoispresent

About who is present :

What does WhoisPresent do?
It counts the visitors on your site and gives them the opportunity to enter their names, their homepage and a quote. And it keeps track of the maximum number of visitors you ever had on the same time. That's basically it! No more, no less.

What does WhoisPresent NOT do?
It does not keep any statistics for a longer period then 10 minutes. Except for your maximum number of visitors. We don't share anything with anyone. Promissed!
Ow... and it does not guarantee anything. It's stil in beta, so we hope it stays online. If not, you'll be one of the firsts to know

Just go to Who is present - register yourself- go to edit your who is present - save your settings - get the code and paste it on your page


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