AMD making intel work

AMD,The leader in providing processor performance per dollar,never want to make Intel relax.After Intel released its core2 duo processors,people thought Intel has again regained its performance.But much to the expectations of its consumers AMD is again back by itself getting associated with ATI and ATI associating itself with Vista.making AMD -->vista :)AMD'S staff and its executives now believe that the time has come now for them to leave their benchmarks which are set on XP till now and set new ones on Windows Vista,the latest graphic sensation in the market.The executives in the company believes that Vista will improve the performance of both existing and future AMD processors, as well as Intel, though not by the same margin.Advantage for Non uniform Memory Acess[NUMA] in AMD enables multiple cores to have simultaneous access to memory by zoning that memory such that such accesses don't collide and the good thing is Vista actually does NUMA better.Apart from this AMD is working on graphics with a whole team working on it.Multicore processing for both brands, AMD argues, changes the whole nature of laborious tasks that real-world users would relegate to the background. If one brand of processor performs a typical background test in the foreground better than another brand, it doesn't mean that it will also be better if both processors were also playing a 3D game.
AMD now
concentrate on tests that replicate environments where real-world users perform what AMD is now calling mega-tasking: a type of multitasking where the user isn't just running multiple tasks on his computer (which now takes place 100% of the time, on the granular level) but is actually doing more than one thing with the computer simultaneously. If laboratories could devise such tests, and devise them for Vista, then Schwarzbach[product marketing manager] believes the performance gap between Intel and AMD processors on XP might be closed, if not reversed.
With all these AMD appears to be always in neck to neck competition with Intel.All the best AMD

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