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A small child sitting idle at his home watching TV or A Schoolboy watching his dad's motorcycle or some small kid who sees the today's electronic gadgets asks his elders "who made this???How are these things made???" The immediate reply from his dad is "Engineers make this and they know how to make these".Interesting finds the child.He sets his career aim as to become a engineer someday.Depending on the things he love he choses the type of Engineer.If he loves cars he wants to become Mechanical Engineer,If he love TV,he wants to become electronic engineer....But the thing is no one understands what is engineering until they are into it.That kid choses the branch of engineering which most of others prefer.There is no TV for that child to build here or there is no practical involving a car.All he sees out there is small of chips and physics of engines..In some colleges they dont even find this.
Right now in India ,some states like Andhra Pradesh,Tamil Naidu... have atleast 3 engineering colleges on an average in each town.There will be a single big building on the outskirts of the city named as "XXXXXX engineering college".These colleges dont have Masters courses or above undergraduate courses.They dont even have labs.There are no campus placements.{You have to pay money to some external job consultants to sit in campus placements [E.g JKC in Andhra pradesh]} . They have faculty who completed Btech from the same college and working for 5,000 rupees.I have a lecturer of engineering college staying beside my house who is a computer science lecturer and she/he don't know terms which i know in the computer languages.I went to their labs and I find computers loaded with windows 98,ball mouses and no connectivity.There will be one or two computers with dial up internet and the college charges 10rs per hour from students to use that.Students don't even know how to use Google search ,All they know is using yahoo messenger to chat.The only project they do in their engineering is the final semester project.There will be no classroom projects for them in between.They don't have knowledge about higher studies as they don't have training and placement cell.They have to approach educational consultants for this thing also.OOOPS!! i forgot these colleges have library which might have some books each 1 copy taught in their classroom.They don't have research Journals,tech magazines,publications and all.Since they dont have proper labs there is no chance of them looking into research.Most of the students have the aim of just getting a IT job.There is one thing with these colleges.No one scores below 60% in their engineering in the last irrespective of the knowledge.You might want to know how??? Simple.Same questions appear in their question paper every year.All you have to do is just buy a test paper booklet and read the questions given in the previous 5 year papers.If you do this properly you can get 90%.Most of my friends studying engineering in local colleges say this logic to me.Whenever I go home with 70% in engineering,i find a lot of my friends who have more than 90% asking me why I have less percentage as I scored high total in my 10+2 above many of them. And to the people knowledge never matters.What they compares is percentages.Some idle people residing in my neighborhood goes to my home and tells my dad " your son is ruined.His percentage is less.i think he is roaming in the city".This thing irritates the people studying in best universities as they have to screw themselves the whole day to bring a decent percentage in engineering.I'm not blaming the every student there as there is some exceptional talent standing out there when sent to good engineering colleges can create wonders unlike getting screwed up in life.The only job these local engineers know is IT job and they dont even know the company names of their core engineering subject.They will never look into core engineering jobs as it requires a lot of knowledge.The don't have even proper residential facilities.Then what does they have??????

AICTE approval
AICTE gives approval to these colleges and its ready even to give more colleges to the towns if the institute owner has got some political influence.What does this AICTE wants from these colleges??I dont think they want to make some engineers out of these colleges.

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In this blog technade tells us that the branch of engineering and the engineers are non joint element .The attachment of the student is less but under the pressure of the society they forced to be an Engineer .Overall nice thought of this blog.
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