5 tips for getting a page rank,PR 7

There is a blogger who says that he had came up with 2 new domains/blogs getting PR7 in less than 6 months.He suggested five tips which can come in quite handy for you people also.Here are the 5 tips that he shared.

  • Get links from old and highly trusted domains.
  • Get site-wide links from a huge site with 150,000+ pages (a large forum perhaps).
  • Get a few deep links from relevant articles or content.
  • No massive and low-level directory submissions.
  • Avoid link exchanges, esp. from new domains.
If you have any tips regarding increasing page rank,post as comment


Do not get fooled by PR, it is almost a useless thing. In order to get PR 7 get a link from PR 8.

There are various tricks to get PRs but that can cost you your website. http://pr10.darkseoteam.com/ they made there pages PR 10 (Infact all PRs from 1 to 10) with tricks.

Also do not get sitewide links. You may like to read http://www.hedir.com/internet-communities/story/ ( I submitted a lot of links to Google papers).


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