Youtube videos in Google search

Searches for images or research papers or projects on Google may now return videos from the California-based Internet search giant's YouTube unit.Google, which acquired YouTube in 2006 for $1.65 billion, says the change is part of its effort to differentiate YouTube from its similar Google Video service.To get returns that include YouTube videos, added Thursday, users must use the video search tab, the company said.Google Video's goal is to be the definitive search engine for video Internet-wide, not just on Google's sites, said David Eun, company vice president.For now, Google Video and YouTube remain separate, with both offering space to upload and share videos. Over time, users will be encouraged to share videos on YouTube and search video on Google.Including YouTube videos in Google's video search will "dramatically increase video viewing on the Web.People will start finding lots of videos they never even knew existed.Rivals Yahoo and AOL have separate video search engines, but neither link to YouTube.Lets see what will be their next step
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