Hackers attack on the root servers

Before you read this you need to know a bit of terminology

  • A set of servers called domain name servers maps the human readable names to IP adresses.These servers are simple databases that map names to IP adresses and they are distributed all over the net
  • When a computer on the Internet wants to resolve a domain name,it works from right to left,asking each name server to turn about the element to its left.
  • Each top level domain has its own set of servers which in turn delegate to the name servers responsible for individual domain names
Hackers attacked the root servers* significantly after a long time since 2002 on Tuesday night.Believed to be from Asia ,hackers bombarded 13 root servers that serve as internet central adress books.But there was very little effect on the internet users.An average user would have barely noticed it.Hackers periodically try to overwhelm the root servers with requests and information which slows down the network and increasing the server response time.The servers are distributed through out the world and,like grid,can redirect their efforts when demand is highest.Root servers manage the internet's domain name system [DNS] ,used to translate web addresses such a gmail.com into numerical Internet protocol addresses used by machines.Two servers seemed to be the target of tuesday's attack.,one operated by US defence department and another by ICANN.The attacks lasted for almost 12 hours.But the good thing is the servers are able to withstand the attack.
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