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This is not a notice infront of any professional organisation.These days it has become common seeing this notice infront of schools.And this notice is for admission into nursery.I dont understand what criteria does these school people follow trying to filter kids of 4-5 years age.Parents are suffering a lot because of this.In NCR this problem is quite high.Inspite of efforts by Mr.Ashok Ganguly by creating a 100 point formula,admission into nursery is still a nightmare for parents and kids.These days I see a large number of parents standing in front of the schools to get admission.The main problem with the 100 point formula is that it awards extra 5 points to girls and extra 10 points to the Alumni students,10 points to those who had earlier studied in delhi school.
Being the capital of the country many people storm into the city.The immigrants have very little chance of getting admission in a Delhi school since they are neither its alumni nor a previous resider of Delhi.Even if you a delhi ite they see your professional profile and will check how much brighter is your child.Then they will give you admission.In north and west Delhi the situation is quite horrible,where there are not enough schools to support the growing number of kids.School authorities say that being reputed schools they have large student communities and its a problem even for them also.
So more number of schools should be opened in the NCR and the 100 point formula should be fine tuned to get better results for the right people to get admission.
Once you get admission your schooling is at damn high price.Some schools charge more than my engineering university.What do they teach the kids with such a high fee??do they turn them into some angel in juut one day or what??whts your view on present day schools??leave your comments

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More and more schools and colleges are getting expensive (the IIMs recently joined the gang) Looks like we are going the US way.

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