Google Adsense account blocked ???

You worked up for a longtime ,you wake up one morning and you notice a mail from the big boy saying your account is disabled,Dont worry,we got many alternatives to the adsense.Here by im giving you 5 best places and their descriptions who serve as best alternative to the Google Adsense.

Yahoo YPN - Right now its looking to be the best competitor to the adsense.If you are located in the US, this is probably the best alternative to Adsense. Yahoo Panama is launching on February 5th.You can join it once it goes public

FeedBurner Ads - Feedburner has got FAN for displaying ads in the feed now and it is performing well as per the publishers. The ads are CPM in nature and they have decent reporting engine.

Text Link Ads, Adbrite - If you want to take a complete control of the ads in your website from format to pricing to positioning,this is the right place.You can sell text links on your blog pages using any of these programs. They also let you add advertising in your RSS feeds.

Kontera, IntelliTXT - These are inline contextual advertising programs that double-underline the keywords. Some users may however find this annyoying since the ad appears in a pop-up window.

BIDVERTISER - One of the best alternatives,gives you complete control of the bids unlike adsense.The only problems is you can have only one format of ad for the entire webpage as same code is given for all formats.But payout is quite good with range to almost 2$ a day.
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I don't believe it. I did not think this guy would talk about Adsense on Blogger account. Anyway if you are a low budget advertiser you should be advertising by renting pixels at PIXELS HOMEPAGE. Here you'd pay 1 cent per pixel per month. a 5000 pixel cell would rent for $50 per month.

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