Overnight success - Almost impossible

I saw lot of people who aspire to get rich seeing others.But there is a difference between you and them.What is it?? planning,doing hardwork,taking risk,Face each and every difficulty in life bravely.They are the finest soldiers of the world who fight with all their wits to win the battle named success.If you are ready for this you can be one of them someday.
If you want to succeed in a business,there are two strategies one can follow
- Invest to achieve constant profits in the future
- Looking for high short term profits [ people want this]
What are the ways to invest if you want to achieve short term profits????
Internet -
Internet is on a big boom in the developing countries like India and china. Coming up with a new idea over the Internet is always accepted by the people.Internet is one of the smarter ways to earn money these days.There are many advantages with internet business - zero investment,Zero risk.Nice profits.But remember this can be never achieved over night.But some kind of income which can help you for your personal needs can be obtained in the start.If you are looking to become a global giant in the internet business,you need to wait more.You need to work with a team.You need to work without profit in the start.You need to spend on advertising and other things.But when these things start giving you fruits,you achieve large profits.Income normally comes from ads in internet.ill discuss about them in the furture posts

Stock :-
The most riskiest and the one of good profitable businesses.If you are unaware of market trends you are out of game here.Initial investment should be above 7000-8000.Knowledge plays a main factor here.You should study each and every aspect of the market.you should have the nerve of the shareholders.You should know when ,where and how to sell and buy the shares.You should be aware of the future trends of market.Those who deal it in good way can achive bigger profits.Normally people buy shares of low price in big amount and when it raises by atleast a rupee they sell it.Many housewives are doing this thing these days instead of sitting idle at home.But there is 100% risk in this business as i have seen some people going down

Networking business :-
Most people fall into trap of this.All you need is to bluff and others and help others bluffing others.Its nothing but getting money by making others join as your referrals.Investment normally around 5,000.They pay you some commission when you make others join the network.But you need to keep your chain expanding if you want to achieve profits.Before you enter this remember one thing.If you achieve something here ,you are causing loss to someone else.It's mostly not a much fair game :)

Real Estate : -
one of the growing trends in the developing countries making some people rich overnight.Check out this article on real estate :
Real estate - the new gambling business
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