Indian team and "sport" ive politics

Team India - they lose 20 matches and then they win 3 matches in a bang making the fans happy.Then to make fans forget their losses,they come up with controversy between coach and a player or a match fixing sandal in the worst case.They have players in the team who never play well.They have player who fail 20 times and succeed in 21st time when he is about to get out of team.And that player wont be thrown out for 100 matches.I don't understand what criteria the team management follows in selecting the people.They cant select the 11 people who can win the world cup for India out of 100 crore guys.But one thing is for sure,There is lot of politics involved in the team.Everyone in the board wants to have their associated player enter the international arena.The president of the board normally looks like the big player of this game.Earlier it was dalmiya who always backed ganguly and now its the turn of powar who backs Mumbai players.Apart from this there are lot of players in the team who are in because of their seniority even if they dont play well.Take case of Tendulkar,he is totally out of form and even if he makes runs sometime he cant play with the josh he used to have earlier.But still the team management keeps him because he is the senior.There is lot of talent in the domestic cricket which is waiting for a single chance and you making these old players play for generations.Ain't it nuts???Stop playing with the reputation of the country for your selfneeds and select a team that can get the next worldcup some how.
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