50 + 40 = 70

The new marketing style of the branded cloth stores and goods in India is putting up a sale board infront of their shop.Normally some companies come up with flat a% offer and they offer some old stock to you or goods with minor defects.But for the good ones they cant come up with these flat offers.So they come up with upto 50% offer with upto written in very small size.Most of the people get into these stores thinking that they get 50% off.But now a days growing up companies like koutons,cantabil etc is attracting people by putting up boards like 50+x*% where x can be anything.Here by Im posting a pic which appears that its

50%+40% =90%.
But when you closely observe it you find it as 50+40* [* 40% is on the price after first 50%] i.e 50+(2000/100)=70%.Any new person who sees this board gets attracted and gets into the shop.If this is restricted to global brands its good because they tell the customer as soon as one enters the shop and they provide a bit of quality .But These days even a shop on the pavement comes up with a sales board.So beware before you get into these kind of shops.Some people even believe that these global brands also increase the prices sometimes and then comes up with a sale.This information is not guaranteed one.Still next time you go for a shopping get into best branded shop to get good things.
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