Wordpress Vs blogger

Wordpress.com and blogger.com referred here are hosting service which host the blogs for those who cannot afford webspace and domain.Both of these sites have their own advantages and disadvantages .some say wordpress has more feautures and blogger is for beginners.Here ill compare both of them
The best thing one can find wiith the blogger is that it gives you direct access to the HTML of the page,You can do anything with your page right from the scratch just by having a little knowledge about the HTML and CSS.You can have your own template in blogger.com where as wordpress doesn't support that[may be security issues prevented them].Unlike blogger its easy to republish the whole site with the wordpress.it takes very less time for republishing.Unlike blogger word press has categories and a quick search facility which doesnot rely on Google.Interface for them people rocks in wordpress covering each and every feature that users loves to have.There are lot of template you can choose from for wordpress where as very less of them [especially 3 column] templates are available for blogger.Wordpress has one more feauture called password protection of posts.You can lock the posts with password to prevent others from getting access,where as blogger don't have such feature.Blogger supports multiple blogs for a single user.It has great features to control the multiple authors of any blog [ if the blog has multiple authors].Blogger has one more nice feature of saving the drafts regularly while wordpress.com doesn't have it.[Users with poor UPS better use blogger hehe].Blogger.com has got everything clear like its copyright policy,its terms and conditions where as wordpress.com doesnt have any such things on thier home page.For posting comments and to prevent spam blogger has just introduced the word verification feature.Blogger has one bad feature that if you have to view a post posted long time ago,you have to go back ways in your archives while wordpress.There is no good inbuilt tracking system for blogger to get stats,you have to reply on external counters for that.Moreover so far as i know wordpress don't allow adsense ads on its pages.So for those who wanna make some bucks with adsense its a wrong choice.
Finally if you want to have a site built with some nice templates and want to have some easy interface to edit [like sidebar] i prefer wordpress for that.Where for users who want to play with HTML of their page,I prefer Blogger
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