Railway Budget '07 rocks

Lalu prasad Yadav - the minister who has been through so many controversaries than anyother is always in the news ever since he became the railway minister of India.His way started with maintaining modest prices for passengers,then advertising on coaches,getting railways to profit after a long time and now reducing the prices for first time in Indian railways.This strategies made him get to IIMA and then to Horward.
Railway Minister Lalu Prasad in his pro-poor Railway Budget for 2007-08 presented in the Lok Sabha on Monday announced major relief for passengers by cutting fares across the board.The minister cut passenger fares cut by 4 per cent for sleeper class rail travel.Lalu Prasad also kept the freight rates unchanged.AC Ist class fares reduced by 6 per cent in lean season and by 3 per cent in peak season.Re 1 cut in daily non-suburban train fares.For AC two-tier, the busy season reduction is 2 per cent and lean season 4 per cent.He also lowered fares for all classes of high capacity new design reserved coaches which would be 4 per cent for AC three-tier and AC chair car in busy season and 8 per cent in lean season.In sleeper class, the fare-reduction would be 4 per cent in all seasons. The railway minister announced that discounts for the busy season shall be applicable in popular trains throughout the year.Superfast charge on second class tickets has been reduced by 20 per cent from Rs 10 to Rs 8, he said.Mr.Prasad announced introduction of tourist ticket in Mumbai suburban services with facility for unlimited travel.He brought down charges for e-tickets booked on the Internet.The railway minister also cus petrol diesel freight rates by 5 per cent.
Fed up with getting your ticket reserved by standing for a longtime in Railway Reservation centres???? Lalu sir has again got something for you.
Lalu Prasad on Monday said that rail tickets will soon be sold at petrol pumps, ATM centres, et cetera to make life easier for passengers.Ticket bookings and hotel bookings can be done through railway call centres which will soon be set up, the railway minister said.He also said that 6,000 automatic ticket vending machines to be set up in next two years.
Note : New telephone number for railway inquiry to be 139 across India.

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