My Space Japan,cultures going to clash

World's No .1 social networking site Myspace entered the Asian market by making its debut through partnership with Japanese telecommunications and Internet giant Softbank earlier in 2006.But it's not a easy game for Myspace out there in Japan.Japan's leading Social network Mixi is going to give it a hard competition.Mixi has prim,organised columns and boxes of stamp size photos-not the flashy text and teen Magazine like layout of Myspace.The difference in the appearance between the two online hangouts reflects a broader clash of cultures and illustrates the challenge Myspace is gonna face in Japan.Mixi knows how to thrive of the nations cliquish culture so different from the agressive me orientation prevalent in United States.If Myspace is about me,Mixi is about us says the Japanese.Japanese tend to be more reserved and prefer to know each other in long terms.Mixi requires an introduction from some member to join in it which gives a sense of security to shy people.It doesnt mean Myspace is not going to compete.It arrived in Japan in November 2006 with a 50-50 partneship with softbank corp.Theysay that they might not be able to knock out Mixi but they can make Japanese use the both.Lets see what Myspace is going to do to make Japanese use it.
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