Technocrati problems

Technocrati which most people prefer to rank a blog is in the news these days regarding its updating of blog ranks, links that connect to the blog and its ping service.All the big bloggers has reported this problem like problogger.
Technocrati team is to be appreciated for achieving such a success in a short span of time But these latest problems are worrying some bloggers a bit as they want to use the potential of the service.There are four issues that are considered to be the major ones these days.

ping service :
I had been observing from a lot of days about the indexing of my claimed blog Five point someone
. As I look on to the posts,I found that very a few of them got indexed by the technocrati i.e ones which are there whn i submitted the blog to Technocrati.I tried to ping them through pingomatic but no use as they didnt update my blog details from the day i submitted it in technocrati.Here by im posting a screen shot of the problem.It has been long time I changed the blog title from Anything 2 everything to Five point someone.But Technocrati still shows the same old title.As per Technocrati no one linked to my blog so far But i have more than 11 pages on google search showing people linking to me.And it has not been updated since 116 days :D

Top 100 problem :
Some blogs even when getting raced into the top 100 list still didn't get listed in the top 100 list due to the admin not updating the page..

API problems :
problems with other site’s trying to access websites details through Technorati’s API.

Customer service problems :
Many of the readers mail me that they sent a lot of mails to the Technocrati team regarding to the problem but all of them are answered with silence from the customer support which is quite frustrating.

As Technocrati is still used by most of people to rank a blog ,it is better for them to work on these problems than getting stormed by the increasing number of bloggers and their posts


am not even able to claim ma blog...wat do u say for that...i tried all alternate ways available...technorati is one dumb ranking site which is run by grp of other dumbs...

raghu i had also that problem earlier..but after 2-3 days it itself sshowed me that the blog is already claimed by me...if u r not albe 2 c that try again once by claiming again

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