Playmate Anna is no more

Model actor Anna Nicole smith died on thursday afternoon in the seminole hardrock hotel and casino in Hollywood,Florida.A small town girl,Anna has a very quintessential wrecked up life,intriguing,eye popping and tragic. A highschool dropout turned dazzler was always fascinating to celebrity watchers-not bcoz she is a A star but because shje was always in the mid of controversary.After marrying a a billionare 60 years elder than her,she battled for his wealth after his death with the heirs and won the property from the supreme court.She becae a TV celeb getting feautured in a reality show that offered a candid look on how celebrity lived.she has a daughter and a son [found dead in her recovery room].Shots and videos of her ran on the cable channels for hours after the news broke.At 17,she met billy smith,a co worker at jim's crispy fried chicken and they had daniel as baby.A fter gettingf divorced with him she started working in topless bars in Houston to pay the bills.Her nick is sweet cheeks.In 1991,at 24 she entered the playboy contest and won.In 1992,she lited her "turnons" as "men who wear braces,cowboys!I also get off scary movies".In 1993 she was the playmate of the year.After this she was offered to become model of guess jeans.In 1994 she made big screen entry with Naked gun331/3.The final insult.After that she married j howard marshal who is 60 years elder to her.And after his death she started fighting for his fortune and that fight never ended.
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