Marriage @ Rohtak

On 29th of jan,i attended a marriage in Rohtak.The marriage turned out to be a memorable event of my engineering life inspite of myself going there with low expectations.We left from college at about 12 in the afternoon.Our journey went this way
College -> Ghazipur ->Welcome Metro station-> Kashmiri Gate ISBT ->Rohtak->Royal INN hotel
Its 4 PM now and we are hungry.SO we checked into a best restaurant out there.When we entered in i found that its the hideout for lovers and couples in that small town.As soon as we entered in 4 couples left that place[poor people we disturbed them].We checked out the menu and ordered the fave of delhi ites--chole batore.After having nice lunch i took rest till 7.At 7 my friend came with his Travera and we left for marriage at around 7:30.As soon as we went there,we had lil photo session.Then we got ourself into Baraath.Since baraath was already late we moved fastly dancing in the Baraath.On the entrance of the Banquet,people from both sides had a some word exchange for 30 min and had photo sessions.After that we entered the banquet,had some snacks,Drinks,coffee....The marraiges here are a bit different from the marriages down south.Poeple offer plate meals with sweet,sambar,rice and some curries in south while you see stalls filled out with sweets,gol gappe,roti,sabzi,puri,fruits,cheel,AAloo tikki......They come up with almost 30-40 varieties.My friends are waiting for thier fave item - daaru [:D].As soon as they came to know that its available in the car outside the Banquet,everyone of them rushed towards there.There is some cousin of my friend who is playing the host of the drink there.People had royal stag there.Hemu,sahu had a competition on who drink more.Vaise dono out ho gaye.After having drink we then went into the banquet and started dancing on the dance floor.People danced on the dance floor till they had their thumbs down.The couple exchanged varmaala or garland in the mean.we ate in the middle came and again danced.We danced for almost 2 and half hours.Then we had a photography session with the couple.After the couple had dine,the marriage is considered over.Since people are already drunk,they requested the host for one more Full bottle of royal stag.The host gifted us with one Royal Stag and 2 beer.We came back to hotel,got freshed up.Then people drank 2 beer again.After that we slept.Next morning some people left at 6 since they had some work in college.4 people who came all the way from Delhi on bike left on about 11'0 clock.The host came to hotel and gifted us with 6 kg of sweets to eat in hostel.We left to Delhi on around 12 and reached Delhi on 2'0 clock.The travel from Rohtak to Delhi was enjoyed all the way having photo session.We came back to college on around 2'0 clock.Here by im posting a link of the album of my pics in the marraige.