How to edit .pdf files

How do I edit pdf files?

As a general rule it is better if possible to amend the original document and recreate the pdf file, particularly if you are using both a printed and a pdf version as this helps keep them both in synch.It is also possible to edit only those pages with amendments and insert them into the old pdf file.
Please note that, while Acrobat Reader is supported software, Acrobat Professional is not.

Making text amendments

Using the Touchup Text tool click on the text that you want to edit.

Selecting the text you need to edit will bring up a boundary box showing you all the editable text on that page.

Within the box you can make minor text amendments line by line, providing that you have the font that the text was originally created in installed on your machine. If you don’t have the right font, it isn’t even possible to copy and paste the words or characters from elsewhere in the document.

You cannot create a new line of text if your additional text runs on too far - it will not wrap. Also, be careful in editing spaces because there is no set size for a space and if you may not be able to realign the text exactly.

Font amendments

Using the Touchup type tool, select the text that requires amendment. Right-click the selected text and choose Properties. You will then be able to alter the typeface and colour of the text, change the alignment or the letterspacing, or make the text bold or italic.

Selecting objects

Hold down the Touchup Type tool and select the Touchup Object tool Touchup object tool This will allow you to select rules and text boxes and move them around. It is useful if you have a document which contains a lot of rules, for example, as these can sometimes distil into thick lines which are actually several layers of rules. These can be edited down by deleting them


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