'research' ing Indian's

Indians are considered one of the best engineers of the world these days.But one might had observed that very few Indians innovate and research a product.Even if they do so many a times it happens outside India.y??????
Our system is designed in such a way that students in universities have a kind of thinking like getting back the money they had paid for the education fastly and then setting up the assets and taking up the responsibility of the family and all.In US ,students have a option of part time job which helps them get the expenses needed for them for the higher studies facilitating them to think freely about the future.Apart from financial problems parents most of them behave as paranoids asking the child to get a good job and settle fast.They want to secure the future of the child.Not only parents its the surroundings that force you change your course of mind sometimes.When I was in x th standard i dreamt of becoming a scientist,but now i ended up somewhere else in IT job.Its your friends,the knowledge you acquire force you to change your course.In US ,universities get high funding for sponsoring research and education of students,where as in India getting funding for higher education is lesser case and if people study, they do it for sake of getting high salaries and for getting jobs.80% of Indian universites has very less interaction with the industry.By the time someone graduates from the university,he do know only theoretical concepts and nothin about the industry.The worse thing is except a few engineering colleges like IIT's,JIIT,BITS,NIIT.....has got faculty that can help student do research.Rest of the colleges teachers dont have proper idea of even IEEE.In such a condition how can Indians research?????
Thanks to the private universities entering the India backed by industrial majors.May they force the students do research when they are in their education itself.
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